Sunday, July 2, 2017

Zion Emerald Pool Trail // Day 1

Mike & I took an unconventional honeymoon at time much later than normal. We didn't head to an all-inclusive resort on some gorgeous tropical island, we went to the desert. Due to work schedules, we weren't able to go until about four months after we got married. The trip was worth the wait and we enjoyed 10 days together visiting all 5 of Utah's National Parks (and more). It was honestly one of the most incredible trips I've ever been on and I'm oh-so excited about more trips with my man! He is an excellent adventure buddy.
But I digress, we started our trip in Zion National Park and spent a cloudy & rainy day hiking the Emerald Pools Trails.

 Driving into Zion..
 We hopped on the shuttle bus and took a quick stop at the Court of the Patriarchs overlook. Left to right : Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob

 We crossed the roaring Virgin River & headed up into the hills in search of waterfalls.

 We saw the Lower, Middle, & Upper Emerald Pools and then hiked back to the Grotto so we didn't have to loop around things we'd already seen. We both agreed the Lower viewpoint was our favorite.


 The rain would start, stop, then start again. I was glad I brought my rain jacket and that my camera pack has a rain cover!

 Zion Valley in a haze of rainy clouds. We hiked the last mile in a hard, steady rain before reaching the Grotto and taking a bus back towards town.
 We did make a quick stop for this famous shot of the mountain above, "The Watchman".

We then went back into town to put on dry clothing, find warm food, go to Wal-Mart to buy snacks (Classy honeymoon, right? haha), and get a good night's sleep because the next day would be one of our biggest hikes of the trip - Angel's Landing!

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