Thursday, July 6, 2017

Zion - Angel's Landing Hike || Day 2

Our second morning in Utah we got up early to drive to the park and get a head start on our hike of the day - Angel's Landing. This hike is a little over 5-miles round trip and goes up 1,500 feet to the peak pictured above. You start on the valley floor, climb up a series of switchbacks to Scout's Landing, and from there it's a narrow climb up the final few hundred feet. The hike is famous for its step drops at the end, with some sections of the trail being three feet wide with just chains bolted to the side of the mountain to hang on to. There were some parts that made us nervous, but we made it to the top!
 The views from the top were beautiful. Seeing Zion from that high up was incredible.
We enjoyed well-deserved whoopie pies (brought all the way from PA) at the top! 

 Spring in Zion was lovely, the whole valley was lush and green.

We were a little bummed that the Virgin River was too strong for the second hike we had planned, the Narrows. Fortunately we found a fun hike nearby that we had lots of fun with. More of that in the next post. :)

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