Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Upper Antelope Canyon || Day 5

Antelope Canyon is one of the most accessible and popular slot canyons in the Southwest, and because of that it attracts over a million visitors a year. We decided it was worth seeing since we were so close, and opted for a smaller photography tour so I could take photos. What we were not expecting was the massive volume of people they push through this canyon every day. If you get claustrophobic or don't like crowds, this is not the place for you. We did enjoy the photography tour as it was a slower pace, three hours long, and allowed plenty of time to get some beautiful pictures. As beautiful as the canyon was, we both agreed that we enjoyed other less popular places a bit more. 

Upper Antelope Canyon is famous for the light beams that come down from the ceiling at mid-day.

The far end of the canyon.
The south entrance to the canyon. 
A kind woman visiting from Germany took this photo for us! 

If you take a photo tour - this is what you should expect. Eight people crammed into a corner all trying to take (almost) the same shot. It was an experience to say the least. 

 The entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon - who knew there could be such beauty hiding in there? 
 From Page we drove two hours northeast to Monument Valley in Utah. There wasn't many great hotel options in the area, so I searched Airbnb for somewhere to stay the night. We ended up staying in a traditional Hogan that a Navajo family has turned into a place to stay. We enjoyed having dinner with the family and talking with them about the Navajo culture. It was our first experience with Airbnb and we loved it - we'll definitely be using it more on future trips. 

 Monument Valley, right outside our doorstep. 

 Their dog showed us around as we wandered around the packed red dirt roads. 

 Because we were staying at the Hogan, we were allowed to use the hiking trails up on the rocks & cliffs above their home. We watched the sunlight disappear off the valley as it dipped behind the rocks. 

 The stars at night were incredible!
The Hogan was a comfortable temperature at night and was one of our favorite places we stayed! The Monument Valley is an area rich in history and spiritual meaning to the Navajo people. Staying in the Hogan was the perfect way to experience and learn about the culture and traditions of the Native Americans still living in the land.  We highly recommend Rosalyn's Hogan is you're ever in the Monument Valley area!

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