Friday, July 21, 2017

Monument Valley & Moab || Day 6

 After a restful night of sleep in the Hogan, we woke up early to hike up to the same point where we had watched the sunset the night before. The morning was a perfect crispy cool temperature and the sun slowly rising over the valley was beautiful.

We enjoyed some quiet morning time outside & inside, reading our Bibles and books that were in the Hogan. Soon enough we were off to Monument Valley!

 Horses grazing and the rock formation named "The Three Sisters"
 The roads in the park were very rough. We saw some brave folks doing it with sedans, but we were thankful for the ground clearance in our rental car. It wasn't 4WD, but it had enough power to get us up over some pretty big hills.

 The Mittens :)

 We stopped along the highway for this iconic view of the Valley looking back. Apparently this is also a famous scene from the movie Forest Gump.

 From Monument Valley we drove two hours north to Moab, Utah. The drive was lovely, the time passed quickly as we went through the mountains, desert, and small sleepy towns.

.. and then we reached Arches! We actually planned our trip around our time in Arches, because the park is currently going through road construction and is closed 7pm-7am five days of the week. We were able to be there the two days the park is open all day. One bummer was the major hike we had planned (Devil's Garden Loop) was closed off completely, so we ended up doing a lot of smaller hikes instead.

The "South Window" Arch
Turret Arch (we would later go back here at night!) 
North & South Windows

The Fiery Furnace

Here you can see Broken Arch off in the distance (we hiked this one the next day). After a super long day, we went back and crashed at our hotel. The next morning we got up extra early to hike to Arches most famous arch at sunrise! 

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