Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kanarraville Falls Hike & Grafton || Day 3

Our third day in Zion we had planned to hike the Narrows in the Virgin River. Unfortunately, the water level was too high and the trail was closed - but that wasn't going to stop us from going on an amazing hike! We drove north of Zion about an hour to Kanarraville, Utah. There is a small section of public lands with a beautiful hike to a small slot canyon with a waterfall. 
 This is the first creek crossing you come to on the trail - this one was clearly as crossing. Some of the crossings later on the trail aren't quite as obvious.

 This hike required countless creek crossings.. in water that was 39 degrees! It was very chilly considering it wasn't that warm out, but we treked onward towards the waterfall.
 I hiked in with my tripod on my back, with my camera in a dry bag inside the pack (in case I fell). My sweet husband carried all my equipment on the way back out!
Keens - the perfect waterfall hiking shoe!
 Finally, after about an hour of hiking and slightly numb feet, we made it to the slot canyon! 

 We also found the waterfall!

  Mike found rocks to stand on (and warm up his toes) while I happily snapped photos for the next half hour. He's a wonderful, patient husband. :)
I put my camera on the tripod and used a longer exposure to play with the water flow. It was so beautiful!

Another perk to bringing a tripod, better pictures of us together!  

Our hike out was much quicker. If you try this hike, you should know that there are not clear trail markings. At some points we just guessed whether or not we should cross the creek because there looked to be trail on both sides of the water. There was also a fair amount of rock scrambling involved too. I wouldn't recommend it with little kids, but it was lots of fun for us!  
 We finished the day by driving back to Zion before we started our drive to Page, Arizona. We stopped briefly in Grafton, a ghost town right outside the park. 

 Then it we went back to Zion to go through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel to exit the park and look for Bighorn Sheep!

 Mike put me on sheep-spotting duty and we were excited to find a large herd near the park exit, complete with some baby sheep!

Zion was an incredible start to our trip - and it only get better from here on out. Our next stop was Page, AZ to explore slot canyons, tour the Glen Canyon Dam, and go on the most perfect boat ride!

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