Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Glen Canyon & Lake Powell || Day 4

 We drove into Page, Arizona fairly late after leaving Zion. We enjoyed a yummy dinner in town and just took it easy for the rest of the evening. The next day we got up and went down to the Glen Canyon Dam for a tour. The tour prices were very reasonable ($4 a person) and we loved learning some of the history & science of the Dam. Unfortunately we weren't able to go into the bottom of it as the elevator was broken, but the views from the top of the Dam were still cool!

 This was the view from our hotel - one of our favorite views from the trip!
 That evening we didn't have anything on our agenda, so we opted for a relaxing boat tour of Lake Powell. We took the sunset tour, which was a perfect length and so beautiful!

 The line on the rocks is where the water level used to be on Lake Powell. The American Southwest has been in a time of drought for the past 17 years so the lake is slowly getting emptier. 

 Lake Powell is huge - 254 square miles with over 1,960 miles of shoreline. We only saw a small fraction of it, but what we saw was beautiful. The lake gets over 2 million visitors each year that swim, boat, and some bring houseboats and stay out on the lake for a few weeks. 

 Mike took this picture. 
 A fun side note about this trip - we brought both of our cameras so Mike could practice taking photos. His photography skills are improving and as a bonus, there's actually some photos of me for once, haha!

 During the last half hour of the boat trip it started to rain, but we were rewarded with the most beautiful double Rainbow! I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. 

 The sunset wasn't too bad either..

 After the boat tour we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Marina. Mike & I both agreed that we loved having a day with nothing planned so that we could see where the day would take us. We lucked out with a beautiful night for a boat ride and will always cherish those memories!

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