Thursday, April 13, 2017

>> Neversink Mountain

Neversink Mountain is a series of trails on the ridge between the city of Reading and the Schuylkill river in Berks County, SE PA. Despite the fact that the trails can be accessed from the city, we've never ran into more than a handful of people on a hike, if anyone. The trails intersect so that you can do a short, easier 1-mile hike, connect trails for a hike that's over 9 miles, or do something in between. Points of interest include the iconic "Witch's Hat" that can be seen from some parts of Reading. This old structure was built over a hundred years ago in 1892, when the mountain was used as a haven for Tuberculosis patients. Ruins of the old buildings can still be found on the west side of the mountain for those willing to explore some less-than-beaten paths. For more information, visit the Berks Nature website for maps & trail information! 

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