Friday, September 25, 2015

>> New Jersey Hot Air Balloon Festival

 We had good plans to go to the beach on a Sunday during the summer. We would leave early and get there around 9 o'clock.. but then I discovered that our beach day coincided with the New Jersey Hot Air Balloon Festival - and it was even on the way!
SO we got up really early (4am) and drove to NJ to watch Hot Air Balloons.. and it was totally worth it. Thank goodness my friends go along with my crazy ideas.

Happy Hot Air Balloon watchers!

 The theme of the festival was "under the sea", so they had a seahorse and a whale (not pictured) hot air balloon. So fun!
 This balloon was my favorite.

 We followed the hot air balloons in our car and ended up in an industrial park where one landed. We helped them move the basket, deflate the balloon and pack it up. I was even able to jump in the basket briefly to help out!
 The inside of the balloon - so pretty.

After the festival we headed to the beach and had a great day! We're looking forward to going to the festival again next year and maybe even going for a ride. ;)


  1. obsesssssed with these photos!! i love the one looking up into the balloon!

    1. Thanks steph! It was such a fun day. :)

  2. I love hot air balloons. Last year we went to a festival her in Wisconsin, everyone said to "stay for the glow" I didn't know what it was, but we stayed. The balloons left, but were brought back and tethered and at sunset the glow stated, each balloon being lit at the same time. They did glow....amazing!


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