Thursday, July 9, 2015

>> Summer Hike

Summers in Pennsylvania are usually fairly mild.. with temps hanging out in the mid 80's most of the time. That is a little warm for me, so whenever there is a day below 80 degrees, I jump on it for a day hike. On this particular day, we hiked to the Pinnacle and back on the AT. It's a fairly easy trail to do, it's almost exactly 8 miles round-trip and has an elevation gain of about 900 ft or so. You can check out this post for more information on the Pinnacle Hike!
I used my Camelback for the first time.. I loved it! The 'bladder' holds 3L, which was plenty of water for our hike. I threw my camera in a soft case and still had plenty of room for snacks & such.
Ten-second camera timer selfies. :)
Mike's phone (Galaxy 6) takes good quality photos for a phone, I've been very impressed with it so far!
My hiking buddy and more importantly, carrier of sandwich lunches.
The flowers blooming in the woods were absolutely gorgeous. I think our hike down was considerably longer because I kept stopping to take more photos..
The pinnacle is defiantly one my favorite longer-ish day hikes in the area. My only suggestion is to start early to avoid the people and the heat. :) Enjoy your hike!

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