Sunday, July 12, 2015

>> Reflections on Nursing School: Year One

I am officially done with my first year of nursing school! At times the year seemed to fly and at other points it felt as if I would be in school forever. Honestly, I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown in one year! I am so excited for what lies ahead and can't wait to start my senior year in a couple of weeks. When I began school in August, I wasn't completely positive what type of nursing I would pursue after school, or even if I was sure that I had chosen the right major. But this year has shown me that this career is exactly what I want to do. It involves so many different aspects that I love - kindness, science, caring, medicine (which is always growing & fascinating), love, and most importantly - people. I can remember back to my first day of clinical and how I was terrified to have my first patient - I had no idea what to do! But each and every person that I have been privileged to help care for has taught me a new lesson and blessed me along the way.
At the beginning of this semester, I was reminded of how beautiful it is to connect with people. I was taking care of an older gentleman and his goal for the day was to learn about white blood cells (mostly because his own were high due to fighting an infection) - simple enough!  I took the time to sit down with him for ten minutes and talk to him about the different kinds of white blood cells, what they did in the body, and why they are so important.. he was so touched that I did this for him that he spent the next two days telling everyone about it. He told his nurse, my instructor, the ultrasound technician, the hospital transporter and more.. and all it took was ten minutes of my time to let him know that someone cared for him and loved him.
For years, the most trusted profession (above doctors, police officers, teachers, & firefighters) has been Nurses. After this year, I understand why. We have the opportunity to comfort, to care for, to advocate for, to support, to teach, and to nurse. What a tremendously big and beautiful job we are allowed to do. I am incredibly thankful for my education so that I can do this job to the best of my ability. It is a sweet blessing to show the love of Christ throw the art & science of nursing.
There were many days of clinical that we watched the snow fall down outside the hospital.
Second semester clinical group!
Brain dissections in Anatomy & Physiology lab. :)
My buddy Alexis for my first & third semester clinical rotation. :)
Three amigas on clinical during our summer semester. :)
 Thank you to my sweet friends and family who have loved me so richly over the past year. Thank you for the hugs, for the food, for your sweet prayers over me, for encouraging and loving me. I am so thankful for all my sweet friends I've made at school this year.. we're all in this crazy whirlwind together! This year has been oh-so challenging but I would do it all over again. I am abundantly thankful & blessed. Bring on senior year! :)


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