Saturday, June 20, 2015

>> Sweet Savannah, GA

I figured it's about time I finish off posting about our trip south, right? Right.
Savannah is a sweet, charming, and historic city. We chose Savannah as our destination because my friends & I were all Girl Scouts together in our school years. For those who don't know, Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, was born and started the program in Savannah. We visited the house, explored the city, and we also enjoyed fireworks to ring in 2015 on New Year's Eve. 
Savannah has twenty-two adorable squares - I think we walked through half of them!
We ate Leopold's Ice Cream twice.. once we might have counted it as dinner..

I loved the riverboats. The next time we venture to Savannah, a riverboat cruise will be in the agenda.
New Year's Eve in Savannah is actually not terribly exciting if you're not drinking the night away.. so we browsed in a few shops and rode the commuter boat across the river and back. It was free and we had great views of the city at night!

Beautiful Savannah! :)

..and after the New Year began, fireworks!

The next day we spent the afternoon exploring the city by foot, geocaching along the way and just enjoying the city. We didn't take any official tours (and therefore didn't spend a penny!) but there were plenty of signs to teach us information!

This is Jones Street, voted one of the most beautiful streets in America.

We saw two people getting married. :)

We loved Savannah, our only regret was not having more time in the city! It was also a bummer that our full day in the city was New Year's Day, so quite a few places were closed. But we enjoyed our time nonetheless and can't wait to get back to the South!

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