Tuesday, June 30, 2015

>> 5 Reasons To Try Geocaching

5 Reasons To Try Geocaching
 Geocaching is one of the coolest hobbies I've picked up on recently. It's fun endless adventure just waiting to happen! If you're wondering what on earth geocaching is, here's five reasons why you should get out and try it. All you need is a GPS (on most smartphones), a pencil, and a sense of adventure!
1. Anyone can play & try
In today's world, everyone and their brother has a smart phone or tablet. At the very least, you have a friend  or family member who does. Download the Intro to Geocaching or C:Geo app on your GPS-enabled device and you'll be ready to go in no time. My sister & I use our Mom's iPhone to geocache and we love the Intro to Geocaching app. There are quite a few options available and almost all of them are free. To check out what geocaches are nearby, just go to the Geocaching website, type in your zip, click on map this location, and you're ready to explore!
 2. It's a great reason to go outside
Geocaching is great because you can look for caches that will be a quick to find or incorporated into a longer hike. I love hiking, and adding in a geocache or two is a lot of fun. It gives you a quick break from the hike and a sense of purpose too. Geocaching is like a big treasure hunt for big (and little!) kids alike!
 3. Discover new places
One of my favorite things about geocaching is the cool new places I've discovered in my own backyard. Geocaching has brought me to old quirky schoolhouses (see above), creepy old graveyards, covered bridges, new hiking trails, abandoned air fields, and more! Suddenly I have found out there are so many more adventures within miles of my house.
 4. Cool fun with family & friends
Going on an adventure by yourself is kind of lame, so I usually grab a sibling or friend or two to share in my geocaching quests. My sister & I love to geocache together and it has become a great way of spending time with her. I have also introduced multiple friends to geocaching and they've all loved it. It is great to get outside with friends, family, kids, and have fun!
5. Find cool s.w.a.g. (stuff we all get)
 Geocaches very in size (micro to huge) but a lot of them are big enough to hold small treasures. I have found all different kinds of things that other geocachers have left, like rubber duckies, homemade crafts, geocache "trackables" (items that move from cache to cache), and more! A lot of the items are silly little things, but I've found a few really cool trinkets. Every geocache also has a log book that you can sign and you can also log it on geocaching.com!
I hope this has helped you take a peak into the wide world of geocaching and maybe even inspired you to get out and try it! 

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