Thursday, March 5, 2015

>> Fort Pulaski & Tybee Island, GA

 After our lovely time in Charleston, we headed farther south to Savannah, Georgia. We camped at Skidaway State Park (we loved it, more on our stay there later) and drove to the city and to Tybee Island. Our first day was spent at Fort Pulaski, a Civil War fort just outside of Savannah. We may have completed our third Junior Ranger program of the trip..we are crazy and silly and it's kinda great.
 Emma looking confused and working on her ranger program. ;) 

 Tybee Island in the distance across the water.
The Cockspur Lighthouse is just barely visible between the trees. The lighthouse sits out on a jetty and is only accessible by boat. If we had more time..kayaking out to it definitely would have been neat!

Fort Pulaski has a moat and a drawbridge, which I personally think is super cool. But even better than that, in the summer alligators will chill in the moat.
That's right. There are forts in America with alligators in moats.
Sorry, but I think that's the best thing ever.

 The Tybee Island Lighthouse in the distance..we got to see it up close later. :)

 Carolyn peeking out over the fort walls. :)
 We headed over to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse, walk on the beach, have a picnic lunch, and (as we did many times on our trip) look for a few geocaches! We didn't actually go up in the Lighthouse (it was $10 and we're college students aka cheap) but we enjoyed a free walk on the beach.

Tybee's beaches are really gorgeous. I bet they're absolutely lovely when the weather is warmer! 
More on our adventures in Savannah will be up next week! :)

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