Wednesday, January 7, 2015

>> 15 in 2015

My best friends & I sat around a campfire on New Years Day night and we all constructed a bucket list of things we want to accomplish this year. Originally, mine was only twelve long.. but I figured fifteen was more fitting for the year 2015. ;)

01. Finish my quilt
02. Complete my 2013 photobook
03. Hammock in 3 new places
04. Crosstitch Charleston pattern
05. Complete local TCV geo-trail 
06. Learn to mix a drink ;)
07. Volunteer at the shelter 3 times
08. Read 6 books
09. Walk 3 miles every week
10. Establish a daily quiet time
11. Shoot a roll of film
12. Create a monthly budget
13. Learn to cook 3 new meals
14. Visit an aquarium
15. Send out 2 letters a month

Some of them are goals.. some of them at bucket-list kind of things.. either way, if I get ten done this year, I'll be pleased. :) 2014 was a rough but good year, so I'm looking forward to the fresh start of 2015! 

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