Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday friends! I actually found time to blog, hooray!
001. My favorite season is winding down, so that's a bummer. We did had a gorgeous autumn this year and I took an abundance of photos I'll share through the next couple months. Fortunately, I love winter too.. so I'm quite happy with the brisk air and snowy forecast. :) 
 002. I had a great number of clients in October! Two families, two seniors, one engagement, and one baby. I am so thankful for the people who trust me with to capture their lives, what a gift!
  003. This fall held many miles walked on trails & roads. I actually walked over 45 miles in October, so that's pretty cool. Definitely more on the hike in the photo above (rainy day on the AT) soon. :)
004. This is my best buddy, she's kind of the best.
005. Everyone keeps asking me how school is going (I love that people do :)) and I can honestly say it's going well. I am excelling in my classes and I find them interesting & challenging. That being said, it is hard work and nothing like I've ever done before. For example.. this weekend I spent 15+ hours studying. Yikes.

006. To end on a super duper awesome note... I am going to Savannah in December!! I am so happy to go back to this city (we spent a few hours there on our way to FL two years ago) and I couldn't be more excited. So if you've ever been in Charleston (we might stop there on the way) or Savannah, let me know any suggestions you have ! 

Thanks for reading friends, ♥ you all!

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