Monday, November 24, 2014

>> Offshore Adventure II // Vinalhaven, ME

Continuing onward in our adventure in Maine..we decided to take a sunrise paddle very early the next morning. I don't remember quite when we got in the kayak, but it was sometime before 5am. 
The morning waters and so quiet, still, and beautiful. The whoosh whoosh of Vinalhaven's wind turbines was the only noise besides the water splashing against our kayak. We had hoped to find some seals basking on rocks in the early morning, but we didn't find any..this time. ;)

Across the waters is the town of North Haven, also only accessible by boat.
After our paddle, I cozied up in my hammock with a blanket, a book, and my Bible.
Hammock views.. pure bliss.
Later in the morning we went on a buoy hunt.. we found five!
This is my buoy. I took it home and painted it. :)
Back at the beginning of the summer, my friend Carolyn & I made a very ambitious list of twenty adventures we'd like to have during the summer of 2014. The farthest one (distance wise) was #12: Go to Maine and see lighthouses. We only completed six of those adventures.. but I think this one was pretty special. :)

Brown's Head Lighthouse, with North Haven in the distance. :)
We also stopped at Tiptoe Mountain.. a small bump on the island that holds some lovely views and great exploring. :)

Seeing (two!!) osprey flying together was definitely a highlight for me.. the bird lover ;)

Later in the day, we took the boat out (I learned to drive it!) to Calderwood Island. It's a small island only accessible by small boat, and it's set aside as a nature preserve. Next time we head to Maine, I would love to camp overnight on it!
Once again.. we found many buoys washed up on shore, haha.
There were paths that crisscrossed the tiny island, lined with tiny little mushrooms hiding under the big pine trees. It was so undisturbed and beautiful! Perfect for adventuring. :)

We left our buoy collection on the island so that someone else could enjoy it. :)
One the way back, we found seals!

I was a happy camper learning to captain a boat. ;)

The next morning, we packed up and headed into town to catch the 7 o'clock ferry. The lobstermen were out on their boats working as a bit of foggy mist still lingered on the water. It was so quiet.

The ferry ride back was lovely (as always) and we enjoyed the cool morning air. The drive back was not quite as enjoyable (11 long hours!) but we made decent time and got home safely. I lovelovelove this place. It holds a very special place in my heart and I'm glad that I am always surrounded by friends when I'm there. It's probably one of the reasons Vinalhaven is so special to me. :) 

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