Friday, October 3, 2014

Boston: The Commons & Museum of Fine Arts

For our second day in Massachusetts, we took the metro to the Boston Commons for a full day of exploring the city. It was a gorgeous day to wander around, eat good food, and learn up on American history.

We picnicked in this park for lunch, it was lovely. :)
I love cute doors.
We walked (almost) the entirety of the Freedom Trail. I had walked it before on a previous trip to Boston, and I just love how it weaves you through the city.
The Old North Church, where Paul Revere hung his famous lanterns. Although it should be noted this is not the original church, it was rebuilt since then.
I can't help but love the old cemeteries dating back into the 1700's, they're just so full of history.
The Charles River, marina, and the Bunker Hill Monument.
We ended up back where we began, the Boston Commons & Public Gardens. I had one thing on my agenda for the day: ride the famous swan boats. We all agreed it sounded like fun, so we took a cruise around the pond in the gardens. It was cute and lovely all rolled into one. :)

This is where Mama and Papa Quack lived.. if you've read Make Way For Ducklings, that statement will make a lot more sense. :)

We spent probably an hour just relaxing in the garden and enjoying good company. It's nice to travel and adventure without a tight agenda. :)

Our last stop for the day was the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Taylor & I both enjoy art museums, but the admission price was pretty steep. However, we found out they offer free admission after 5 o'clock on Wednesdays, so off we went!

Chuck Close is one of the favorite artists!

.. and that was our wonderful day in Boston. :) We also had some delicious seafood for dinner before arriving back at our campground at a late hour. I lovelovelove this city. Boston is just the right mix of history, modern fun, great food and the ocean.

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  1. Love your pics!! Next time you're in Boston, let me know!!

  2. Most definitely! :)) Meeting up would be great!

  3. I love your has been years since we were in Boston. Thanks for sharing the artwork too. In the dark ages I was an art to still see artists both new and familiar.


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