Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey friends, happy first day of Fall! With the entrance of Autumn, Tuesday tidbits is back! I missed blogging about life and decided to give it a second go around. We'll see how it goes. :)
001. SO, Mike & I learned how to make sushi. It seems to get more delicious with each attempt! Tonight's menu included mango, crab meat (imitation) and avocado. It was definitely our favorite and best so far. We're going to try raw fish soon!
002. Nursing school is in full swing (one exam last week, two today, one for the next 4+ weeks) and it's crazy but I love it. I like my professors, I'm making friends, and I'm enjoying what I'm studying. Don't get me wrong, it is hard, but it's rewarding.
 003. I actually made a recipe I found on Pinterest - baked apple slices! They are delicious and I now make them two times a week.. at least. ;)

  004. This is kind of unrelated to the picture, but I finally upgraded to the world of smartphones. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I love it ! All of the photos above were taken with it actually. I am super impressed with the quality and it's fun finding all sorts of cool things my phone does. :)

005. Side note: I got an Instagram, check it out!

 006. Mike & I had the privilege of watching two sweet friends get married on Sunday. We love them so much and had a wonderful time. :) These last few photos are from the wedding.
 The wedding was at a castle. It was great.
 Taylor & Andrew were there as well.. we always enjoy their company. :)
 007. Super awesome fantastic wonderful news: I'm going to be one of this lovely girl's bridemaids because SHE'S GETTING MARRIED! I am just so so so soo happy for her and Andrew. I love them together. It makes me happy. :)
Oh and bubbles also make both of us happy, even though we're kinda adults now.
Happy Tuesday, friends. ♥


  1. OK, how do you slice those apples so thin? (0:
    I was an art major way back in the dark ages and my two roommates were nursing majors. My daughter in law is a pediatric nurse too...I think it is a wonderful career...your hard work will be rewarded!

    1. I use a mandolin slicer, aka.. I cheat. :) I am loving it so far, it's hard work but so interesting!


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