Monday, September 15, 2014

Boston Harbor Islands

This is the sweet (and relatively short) story of how four friends went on their first camping trip together to Massachusetts. The city of Boston, to be specific. It's a miracle they agreed to go across state lines with me, considering I couldn't even given them correct directions to my house. ;) However, we had a smashing good time and I believe everyone would say it was one of the highlights of the summer! We camped outside the city (I'll elaborate more later) and used the T (Boston's train system) to get into the city every day. Our first day was beautiful and we headed out to the Boston Harbor Islands by boat.

Spectacle Island is known for its sea glass, and we enjoyed searching for it on the beach. I found a few pieces I really liked. :)

Although it wasn't so nice on my toes. ;)

The Boston skyline was almost always in view from the beach, it was lovely. :)

We took another boat ride to George's Island, home of Fort Warren. It was built in the 1800's and a good percentage of it is open for exploring. I don't know about you, but I love walking through old forts!

The fort was full of stairways. We went up & down many times, sometimes finding a dead end, but on occasion we found open rooms. :)

Unsafe regions (above) were closed off, which is a bummer, but we enjoyed exploring where we could.
This is Graves Lighthouse, it sits at the entrance to the harbor out on the rocks. Interestingly enough, a local family recently bought the lighthouse and is working on repairing it. How cool is that?

Doorways into doorways into doorways..
This is part of the old stove in the kitchen area, the stove was made in Boston in the 1800's!

I earned my junior ranger badge for the the age of 20.
Spending the day on the islands was great, and as a bonus we got a great boat ride back & forth from the city!

Mike & I enjoying the sunset ride... :)
...Taylor & Andrew enjoyed it too. :)
If you're ever in Boston and want to get out of the city for a bit, I highly suggest the Harbor Islands! There are numerous fun islands to choice from, each featuring something unique to do. If we ever go back, we'll definitely spend a night camping on one of them. :)

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  1. What a great place to explore...reminds me a bit of Alcatraz. I have some sea glass in a jar on my window sill.


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