Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey friends. Just popping in to share a bit about my week. :)
001. On Sunday we picked strawberries at our friend's farm. Nothing beats picking your own berries, tasting as you go, and $2 per pound prices. Yum. I plan to make jam in the next couple of days. Double yum. 
 002. I brought my leftover jams and jellies to work in hopes of getting rid of it quickly so I that could re-use the jars. My coworkers now love me more than ever before, mwahaha.
003. Remember that crazy hail storm I posted about last week? Well.. my car didn't do so hot. The windshield is cracked on the passenger side and she has bumps all over her. Because of the exterior damage, the insurance company deemed her totaled. So yesterday I began the search for a new (used) car. I plan to downsize to an actual car.. but boy will I miss this old gal.  
004. My little sister graduated this weekend! Ahh! She goes away to college in the fall. I can't handle that.

 005. I love the outdoors and I am dying a little inside to go camping. I almost convinced my friends to sleep outside last weekend, but they decided against it. :( Soon enough I'll find someone to pitch a tent with me in the woods.. or I might go stir-crazy.
Happy Tuesday, friends. :)


  1. So sorry about the car... your photos are lovely.


  2. Love the first photo!



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