Monday, June 23, 2014

The Day We Rode A Train

Whenever there is an option for a train ride, you can count me in.
Add in a few friends, the clickity-clack of the tracks, a sunny summer day, the beautiful scenery of Lancaster County, and you have a recipe for a lovely day!

Rule 1# - The Railroad is not responsible for any delays caused by livestock on the tracks.
Rule #4 - Positively no shooting of pheasants or cattle from the train.
Rule #6 - All male passengers must assist crew in shoveling snow or pushing if nessacary.
And don't forget, passengers are properly warned to keep heads and arms inside windows in case of falcon attacks.

Those two black specks/birds are bald eagles! You can also see their huge nest in the same tree but to the left.

We all had a lovely time in Lancaster. I love that summer gives the option for spontaneous train rides. Life is so good. :)

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