Friday, June 27, 2014

Local Hike: Hopewell Lake

I really enjoy adventuring around Hopewell Furnace because it's fun and historical. They also have quite a few living history days, so those are always a fun day to visit too. It was sheep-shearing day, so we saw lots of naked sheep. :)

We found a geocache with lots of treasure! 

These tadpoles were hanging out in a puddle of water.

Pete the Cat went with us on our adventure. He was on loan from the local library and he wrote a journal entry about his adventures. How fun is that? 

Local Hike: Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park
French Creek State Park is located about 25 minutes outside of the city of Reading. It is a beautiful (and huge!) area loaded with trails, lakes, camping, boating, history, and even sheep! I've only just started to explore this park, but it has lots of great places to wander and get lost. We parked and started out at Hopewell Furnace NHS. We explored the herb garden, buildings from the 1700's, and watched a sheep get sheared before heading past the old kilns to the lake. The trail hugs the lake shore for part of the hike, and takes you over wooden bridges and muddy areas for the rest. We also really enjoyed dipping our feet in the water after getting a little bit muddy. :)
Distance: between 2-3 miles
Time: 1 hour for the hike, an extra bit for exploring Hopewell
Dogs & Kids: Yes & yes! 
Rating: 3.5/5
Hopewell & French Creek are a great place for a Sunday afternoon picnic and stroll (or paddle in the lake!). We love how close it is from home, but how far-off the city seems. :)

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