Monday, June 2, 2014

Costa Rica // Iglesia de Santo Tomás & Roblealto

Our time with the kids in Costa Rica was only a tiny portion of what we were there to do. Our main job was working at CEDCAS and we got many of the tasks given to us completed. On Sunday, we rested, went to church, and took a tour of San José, Costa Rica's capitol city.

We went to Iglesia Bautista de Santo Tomás for church, which another mission team had helped build many years ago. The building in the photo above was the old church building, it was small and in poor shape. Their new house of worship stands out to the community as a beautiful beacon.

Their new building is much much bigger, and it even has a gym!

The congregation sang in both Spanish and English for us while we were there. My church hosts a sister Spanish church in our building, so attempting to sing in Spanish wasn't new to me. But the sound of both languages being sung never gets old. I believe it is what heaven will sound like.

That's our team with Lillian (admin of Cedcas) in the middle bottom row and her parents (retired missionaries) to her right. I loved working and getting to know these folks.

These are coffee beans! I tried some, they were weird but kind of yummy.

Back to work at CEDCAS fixing up rooms to be used for patient care.

I spackled and sanded, then did it all over again.
The view from our room.
I am not a clean construction worker.

A few of the ladies worked on painting the bars of the House of Health (community center).

One evening we all hopped in the bus and headed up windy roads to Camp Roblealto. It sits high in the hills and ministers to thousands of kids every year.
Up up up! Going around corners on one-way roads in a big bus was a lot of fun. Our driver would beep his horn to warn any other drivers of our coming 'round the mountain.

It was beautiful up there. :)
We ate at a strange restaurant.. it boasted being Costa Rica's only antique museum. They made good food though.

Fresca in glass bottles.. not one of the bad parts of Costa Rica. :)
I'll share one last post with more photos from CEDCAS and our work later in the week. :) Until then, I hope you have a wonderful Monday! ♥

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  1. Perfectly captured! And now I'm listening to Spanish Hillsong songs! :)


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