Monday, June 16, 2014

Costa Rica // CEDCAS Clinica

If you missed it, here are the first two posts on Costa Rica:
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The majority of our time in Costa Rica was spent at the CEDCAS headquarters. We fixed up multiple rooms on the first floor so that they could be used as dentist's offices and we also fixed up the x-ray room. It was really amazing to see how much our two teams got done in a short two weeks!
Fresh bananas being sold down on the corner.
This is the view of Heredia from the roof of the CEDCAS House of Health (aka their community center). It was really beautiful up there!

That is the main Clinica building where the patient care and rooms are. If you look on the left edge the room with the windows fixed is where I stayed.

A few of the ladies spent time repainting the bars of the House of Health. They are vibrantly blue now. :)

We are always 100% serious when it comes to power tools. ;)

The view from our window. 

I never remember to take pictures of the places I've stayed.. so I did this time. 

Drinking some really strong Costa Rican coffee. Mhmm.

We did electrical work, plumbing, and put up drywall in multiple rooms.

All smiles. :)

I got up on the most creaky ladder I've ever seen from the 70's and painted the tall sections.

My Keens came home with a nice reminder that I painted railings blue in Costa Rica. :)

One of our team memebers had their teeth cleaned while we were there. As you can see, CEDCAS is a fully operational health center!

We also replaced 22 door handles so that they were up to code. If you need any handles changed, I'm now your gal. :)

The last morning we walked around the neighborhood, bought some pastries and coolita, and enjoyed our last few hours in this beautiful place.

I didn't realize this until the last day, but CEDCAS is located only about a five minute's walk from Guararí. You cross a bridge filled with dirty sewage (below), and you're there.

CEDCAS stands as a tall beacon in an area where people need to see the light. They offer health care to those who need it and show Christ's love to people by meeting their basic need. I treasure my time helping this ministry expand and seeing how it runs. One of my favorite parts about going on these trips are meeting the missionaries, seeing their ministry, then going home and knowing how to pray for them.

Then we boarded an airplane and were whisked away to JFK in New York. I was so glad to have gone on this trip, especially since my decision was so last-minute. I have learned over the years that any time spent helping others is always an excellent investment. It really is more blessed to give than to receive.

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