Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

 Hey friends! I apologize that I kind of disappeared this past month. Life has been a tad bit crazy and when that happens, blogging isn't at the top of the priority list. I can't believe it's almost June! Time flies so fast. 
001. I found my magic giant bubble wand after being lost for a while. Now all I want to do is go outside and make giant bubbles.
002. Lots of little bubbles are fun too. :)
003. My hair is ridiculously long. I am debating getting just a few inches trimmed or chopping it to my shoulders. Thoughts? 
 004. May is such a wonderful month for hiking! I hiked at multiple different places this month with different friends. So much fun.
 005. We found turtles on said hikes.
 006. I rode a train last week! Aka crossed something off of my summer adventure ideas list, hurray! One down, nineteen to go. :)
 007. In unrelated news, I finished editing my photos from Costa Rica (y'know, from January) and will be posting them all soon ! Stay tuned!
 008. On Thursday I got stuck in one of the craziest situations of my life - a giant hail storm! I pulled into the parking lot of the mall and it started to rain, so I grabbed my rain jacket. By the time I had it on, the hail had started so I decided to wait it out. Well, 20 minutes later it was over and there was hail the size of golf balls two inches deep. The parking lot looked like it had been snowed upon, car windows were shattered (mine is cracked) and there was so much damage. Nature really is amazing. Thankfully, my sweet little car is okay. The roof rack is beat up, the windshield is cracked, and they are dents all over her, but she kept me safe and I'm thankful for that. :)
 009. So. Much. Hail. It was really insane!

010. I'll end on a good note.. summer dinners and guacamole. Mhmm. I love eating outside and using the grill. I forgot how I do kind of like summer. :) 
Happy Tuesday y'all! 


  1. Oh man! That hail is crazy! I can't imagine stuff like that falling from the sky and imagining the damage it would do. GOLF BALL-SIZEDPIECESOFICE! That's intense.

    Loved your update. I've missed seeing the snapshots of your life. Glad you got an opportunity to ride a train (few things are better -- you should train it on over to the west coast someday -- we have blueberries).

    At first, I thought hex signs was some sort of Wiccan tradition...


  2. (were you able to drive after the hail storm or did you have to wait for it all to melt?)

    1. Trains are really neat! My Dad, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather all loved trains. I love steam trains, I think they're fascinating bits of history. I love blueberries. So I'll keep that in mind. :)
      Hex signs are super cool. Once I gather plenty of photos of them, I'll be sure to write a longer bit!
      I waited around 10-15 minutes or so while I took pictures, but then as soon as I got about a mile away, all the hail was gone! It was crazy.


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