Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Always Sunny..

I always refer to Philadelphia as my city. I'm not quite sure why, we only go into the city a handful of times of year, but there's just something about Philly. I suppose it's because I know where things are. I know the rich history, where to get good food and see great shows. There's a sense of familiarity walking the streets of Philadelphia that I don't get anywhere else. That being said, there is still so much I can't wait to see and explore. This summer I am looking forward to many day trips into the city with friends. :) With only an hour drive and $15 to park, who wouldn't say yes to an afternoon in town? 
As previously mentioned, you should definitely try to eat at Reading Terminal. I believe there is something for just about everyone here. If you're from way out of town, there is loads of good Pennsylvania products and PA dutch cooking.  As for me (having eaten dutchie food plenty of times) I opted for a delicious Gyro. Mhmm.

 Olympia Gyro (way in the back) comes highly recommended by yours truely. :) Although you can always opt for a classic Philadelphia Cheesesteak.
There's also a great stand with fantastic fresh juices. I love a good smoothie and these guys didn't disappoint. 
 I enjoy just wandering the city, looking at architecture and finding a few of the 3,000+ murals in Philadelphia. 
 left: Old Ben Franklin on top of City hall
right: Independence Hall, where we signed the Declaration of Independence on July 2, 1776.

 The chair in the back is where George Washington himself sat.

I like this city.

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