Monday, April 14, 2014

Yellow Springs, OH

Yellow Springs is a cute town nestled in the southwest part of Ohio. It was a quick drive from my best friend's college town of Cedarville, so we spent an afternoon exploring and window shopped for a bit. The town is little but very artsy and I kinda loved it. 
 I love mosaics almost as much as I love murals. 

 We wandered into old bookstores and I had to resist buying a few of these few beauties.

 I found the first signs of spring in Ohio. :)

 We also stopped by Clifton Mill, a lovely old place that you could miss if you blinked while driving past.

 I found my antique mall. Do you know how many antiques stores are in Ohio? I don't know either, but the answer is A LOT.
Finally, my lovely best friend and tour guide for the afternoon. We had three or four people stop and tell her how awesome her glasses are. Yes, they are real. She's blind as a bat and really does need them, haha! :) Check back later in the week for adventures in the city of Cincinnati! 


  1. mosaics, old books and antique shops?! that's like my PERFECT Saturday. we would really be great friends! also, my best friend's younger sister goes to Cedarville. Small world if your friend knew her!!

    1. Isn't it? I loved it. haha, small world indeed! seems like everyone knows everyone these days. :)

  2. I kinda want to go there now, and I think I am not that far away. Can't wait for your Cincinnati pics. I love going to Cincinnati.

    1. You totally should if you get the chance!


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