Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Greetings readers! I am super glad you stopped by for the second week of Tuesday tidbits. :)) Enjoy!

001. It was warm enough for a skirt on Sunday. I kidnapped borrowed one from my sister's closet, grabbed a pink v-neck, put on fun orange flats and called it a spring-y outfit!002. We went hiking at a new spot on Sunday and had a good time. We looked for geocaches, but had no luck. But we did find a nice view of the valley, a fun new place to hike, and a salamander! It was good to be outside. :)
 003. I broke my Vibrams out for the hike (they've been in the closet since the fall) and my toes happily plowed through the mud and over rocks. I do everything in these shoes in the summer - hike, kayak, run and explore. They're my fav.
 004. Lately my sweet snack for the day has been a spoonful of honeycomb. Slightly weird, I know. But it's delicious, has good health benefits in the right amounts, and helps with spring allergies (which I rarely get, but it never hurts to be prepared). 
 005. My coworker gave me this little solar-powered flower for my birthday. It moves back and forth in the sun and I can't kill it! Win-win. It makes me smile. :)
006. My pocket-guide to PA trees is ready to discover new plants! I can't wait until the trees start budding and getting green again. I learned a few tree species last year and I'm excited to look at wildflowers this year.
007. Hex signs have still been an area of interest and fascination with me lately. The distelfink symbolizes good luck and happiness, so two of them essentially mean double of that symbol. The heart brings love and the three tulips bring faith, hope, and charity. 
008. Every week I am going to have a goal. It may be just for a week or for the month, but I figure a weekly post is a good way to keep track of how I'm doing. I have recently thought of how I'd like to get off my computer more (specifically FB) and read more books. It has been a few months since I started and finished a good book, so I aim to change that. We'll see how it goes! If I finish one book this month, I'll be a happy camper. :)

Thanks for joining me for Tuesday Tidbits! I love hearing what you have to say and am so glad you joined me this week. :) Also, if I made this a weekly link-up, would you join? Let me know! ♥ you all!


  1. I think I would join if you made a link-up. :) Nice post, btw!

    1. Cool :) I'm going to see if I can make it a habit for myself first! Thanks! :)

  2. I love eating honeycomb! Mmmm, now I am wishing I had some. Love the skirt too. I would join a link up!



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