Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Hello again! I am happy to bring you my third installment of Tuesday Tidbits. :) It is a rainy April day, but here are few happier photos and thoughts from my week.
 001. I have been (poorly) attempting to create my own greeting cards. I have quite a few types of washi tape and picked up a few cute stamps, but I haven't made a design I love yet. I'll let you know when I figure it out. :)
 002. I have no idea what type of flowers these are but they are always the first to bloom in our yard. I tried figuring it out with my pocket guide to trees & flowers (and Google) but no luck. I do a lot better with tree identification. 
 003. This is my new plant! A Sedum Coppertone. :) I haven't named it yet, but that'll come soon.

004. Handy photo tip of the day: See the difference between the two photos? The left shot was the scene naturally, but for the right shot I simply held up a piece of white paper to bounce some light into the photo. See how much nicer it looks? A piece of white paper is the poor man's light reflector. :)

 005. On Sunday we went to the park, had a picnic, blew bubbles, played on the swings and found a geocache. It was over 70° and it was wonderful. 
 006. I am aching to get outside and go camping. The beautiful weather we've had the past few days makes it impossible for me to stay inside. I've been outside as often as I can and it still doesn't feel like enough. I wish I had a few days to grab my tent, a few friends, marshmallows and just sleep under the stars for a few nights.
007. I have been debating purchasing a macro lens. It's been almost two years since I bought any new equipment and I am thinking it might be time. I have an invert-er attachment on my 50mm so I can get pretty close to some subjects (that's how I took the first photo) but the focus is insanely hard to nail. I took twenty photos to get that one decent one. So Canon photographers - have a favorite macro ?
008. My goal for last week was to get off the computer more and read a book. I am pleased to say I did just that and I even finished my book! Now I am stuck in choosing my next one, The Kite Runner or One Thousand Gifts? I will probably read both, it's just a matter of choosing which one I'll read next. Thoughts?

009. As long as all goes according to plan, next week Tuesday Tidbits will be a link-up! So you can find those snippets of life and share your post about them here. :)
Have a fabulous week and I sure hope you'll join me in the fun next week!


  1. I would love to see some of your greeting cards! I have a new appreciation for stamps and paper crafting (if that's even a phrase!?) My sister in law stamped our names on our Christmas gifts this year she wrapped in brown butcher paper with lovely ribbons. It really was charming. Will you post some pics if you get a few cards finished!?

    1. I will certainly post them when/if I finish them. :)

  2. I can't tell if I am lazy or not very crafty, but I could never make my own greeting cards. Go you!



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