Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ten on Ten // April

Ten on ten is a nifty photo project where you take ten pictures through out the day. I haven't participated in a long time because I can't bring my camera with me to Chick-Fil-A for eight hours. But today was my day off, so I grabbed my camera and hauled it around with me all day. :)
My breakfast: banana/blueberry smoothie, eggs & sausage.
I enjoyed a lunch date with this lovely gal. :) Ironically enough, she was in the last ten on ten post almost two years ago.
Enjoying the views out my rear view mirror driving home (I stopped to take the picture).
 Mod-podge + pots + fun fabric = a jolly good time!
 Warm sunshine on my toes :)
My sister informed me it was National Sibling Day and that we should take a picture together. We're missing one (my brother) but it's close enough, right? 
 We adventured to the greenhouse where I bought a plant (which I'm sure I'll photograph soon).
 If you haven't noticed my recent fascination with Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs, it's okay. I found plenty more and will be loading up on the history of them.
Finally, I spent the fleeting moments of sunshine reading a book by my window. I listened to the birds chirp and the happy sounds of the neighborhood. It was a good day. :) Thanks for stopping by! 

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