Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY Embroidery Hoop Photo Hanger

This is a quick and easy DIY project that you only need four things to complete! It's a super cute and fun way to brighten up a wall with some color and photos. As a bonus, it takes less than five minutes to make. That is my kind of DIY project. ;) 
The first item you need is an embroidery hoop. They can be found at any craft store, but I got mine for 75 cents at a thrift shop. The hoop I used is ten inches in diameter and it worked just fine.
 Put the fat quarter (the second item you need) in the hoop and go around the edges to cut the excess off. I got my fat quarter at Jo-Ann's for $1, although you could use any scrap of fabric that's big enough.

 I rounded my corners out because I thought it would look more fun. But you can leave as much (or little) fabric as you like around the hoop.

 I left about a 1/2 inch of fabric around the edge for a little flare, I think it's kind of cute. :)
 The last step is to find a few of your favorite pictures and pushpin your photos on. My photos stayed on just fine, although I did have to use two pushpins per photo.

There you have it! A cute fun accent for your wall. :) It cost me less than two dollars total to complete too! I found a few different sizes of embroidery hoops at the thrift store, so I plan on doing a few with different fabric & photos. Thanks for checking it out and make sure you show me if you try it out!

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