Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cincinnati, OH

While in Ohio, we decided to explore one of the 'big cities' nearby. Coming from an area surrounded by Philadelphia, DC, and NYC.. it made Cincinnati seem a little small, but it's still a neat town. We went to the Art Museum (highly recommended, very nice collection!) and then dropped by the Findlay Market for delicious food and a bit of shopping before heading back. 

Fun fact: The crane (pictured on the teapot) is the most admired bird in China. They are said to bring longevity and purity. 

Claude Schuffenecker's The Road Under The Trees, was easily one of my favorite works we saw.

I am a big fan of impressionism. 

This work caught my eye because it showcases one of my favorite places, Acadia National Park in Maine.
The folk art section was super fun!

Van Gogh's are always my favorite.
Then off to the market! It reminded me a lot of the Eastern Market in D.C. 

If you're ever at Findlay Market, do yourself a favor and get the Brie waffle sandwich. Pesto, apples, turkey, and brie cheese. I would eat another right now, it was that good. 

As previously stated.. I love murals.

That about wraps up our adventure in Cincinnati! I had a grand time exploring Ohio with my best friend and I was so grateful for the chance to go out and visit her. :) 


  1. Oh, I absolutely must visit that market next time I go to Cincy! Love your photos. Lexington is covered in murals. I don't think I have ever seen so much street art... you would love it!

    1. We loved the market! Philadelphia has lots of murals too, I love them!

  2. I feel like I was with you, great photos. I love Mary Cassatt and Van Gogh too.

    1. Cassatt's are classic! She is also one of the few artist's I recognize, so that helps too. :)


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