Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Red Bridge and the Valley

Is there a location you find yourself coming back to time and time again to try and get a new photograph? For me, that spot is our red covered bridge. Every winter I end up here.. trying to find a new and interesting angle that I haven't captured before. There is just something about the red contrasted against the white snow and blue skies that I can't pass up. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the snow-covered valley I love so much. 

 This hex sign on the bridge was painted by the father of a family I know. Hex signs are part of Pennsylvania Dutch history and heritage and can be found all over my area. The different designs have different meanings, this one (which has an eight-pointed star in the middle) has origins with the Star of David. 

 Animal tracks in the snow..
 ..and my tracks in the snow!

The shot above was my winner from the day. A very different and unique image from what I have shot in the past. I love the two Mersangers swimming down the creek with the red bridge and snow covered branches. I might frame this one. :) 


  1. Nice! And yes, I have several places that always catch my eye, even if I have seen it hundreds of times before. It becomes a challenge to catch the mood of that particular day. These are beautiful.

  2. Love everything about this! Covered bridges are picture perfect.

  3. Hex sign in picture:
    - Center rosette to keep away sickness
    - Yellow chain to keep family/friends together
    - Oak leaves and acorns to strength
    - Blue boarder for smooth sailing


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