Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Miscellany

So I'm back..with a second Monday blog post about my life in two weeks. Maybe this is a trend? Hmmm.

001. I picked up the adorable mason jar above for a whole 50 cents at our local thrifty shop. The acorns were free too (we collected a whole bag full last fall) and I painted them last week. They're super fun and I like them. 
002. Carolyn & I went hiking on Thursday. We started on the trails at 8am with the temperature at a balmy 15° degrees..with a foot of snow on the ground in places. But it was beautifully quiet on the mountain, which made the chilly air worth the early morning hike.
003. I've been super fascinated with hex signs lately. I never noticed how many there are in our area. Apparently it's largely due to the grant that was given a few years ago to help farmers restore them on their barns. I love the Pennsylvania Dutch culture in my area, it's so rich and interesting! 
004. So uhm.. I finally fixed my wireless remote (it needed a new battery) and got to test it out for the second time. The above is the product. That's me, folks.
005. I made a scarf last night! It's super cute, springy colors and I wore it to work today. The first time I sewed it I did nearly the entire thing length-wise and then proceeded to realize that the main thread wasn't thread.. it was elastic. So I spent twice the time pulling said elastic out and then re-sewing it. It was fun. But it turned out nice, so I'm pleased. 
006. Despite multiple days over 40°, the snow refuses to melt. It's gone in some areas, but in our backyard there's still 6-10 inches in spots.
007. I bought this frame at our local thrift store for a $1. I see so much potential for it. I know what I'm going to do with it, I just need to get a few more things first. I can't wait to re purpose it, use it, and show you!
008. Even with all the snow and cloudy days, winter is still beautiful. I used to hate the bare trees and thought they were ugly.. but I love their proud branches standing against the sky and the shadows they play on the ground. I enjoy the dried up flowers that are waiting for spring to come forth. Which by the way, can come any day. :)
That about concludes my life as of late. I'm off to sleep, wake up, shower, go to work, and repeat all this week. Happy Monday everyone! :)

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