Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Local Hike: Neversink Mountain

 Local Hike: Neversink Mountain Preserve, Reading
A few friends & I went adventuring one Sunday afternoon late in the fall and were pleasantly surprised by the empty trails that can be accessed only 15 minutes from the center of Reading (not a small feat for a city of 80,000+). First, we hiked up to the Witch's Hat Pavilion, which had a nice view of the city & Pagoda. Then we went down the backside to view some of the old ruins in the area. In the 1920's there was a hotel, sanitarium, and railroad on Neversink. Now there are only a few ruins of the buildings and the trails winding through the woods. I'm looking forward to going back in the spring to find a geocache we missed (we found two) and explore the railroad ruins that we didn't find. One nice thing about Neversink is that there are many trail heads and different trails varying in distance and difficulty. A not so nice aspect is that parking is very limited, especially on nice days. The trails are very well marked, but make sure you print out a trail map before you get outside.
Distance: As long as you want
Time: 2 hours
Dogs & Kids: Yes & Yes
Rating: 4/5
If you're a local, have you hiked Neversink Mountain before? 

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  1. gorgeous! love the shot with the tower in the upper right corner!


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