Monday, November 4, 2013

Quebec City, Canada

It all started out with a conversation at a family picnic. What if we went on an adventure with my cousin? Where would we go? What would we do? Well.. we headed north to good old Canada. That's where our adventure began..

We explored old markets.

We wandered the streets of the city, stopping in local shops and admiring the local talents.

We ate blueberries in a park with this view:

We were charmed by the European feel of the town.

We listened to sweet music on street corners.

We walked the Terrasse Dufferin while sipping Starbucks.
We got lost.

We watched an artist at work.

We explored beautiful churches with history abounding.

We weaved through the markets with old brick buildings surrounding them.

We practiced our French-speaking abilities..not very well I'm afraid.

We cooled off in refreshing fountains.

We camped outside the city in a (slightly) weird campground.

We cooked sweet potatoes over the fire and hamburgers & corn on the grill.

..and we continued our adventures the next day.. :)

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