Monday, November 11, 2013

Quebec City, Canada // Montmorency

The second day of our adventures took us to Montmorency Falls right outside of the city. It's actually higher than Niagara Falls.. but not quite as impressive from what I've been told. Nevertheless, it was a lovely day for a walk around it and then a cable-car ride back to the top!

The cable bridge above the falls.. super cool! Although not for the faint of heart.. :)
Sis & I rocking the Keens. 
You can climb up the 275+ feet to the top via rocks and ropes. Not my idea of a good time, but these people seem to like it.

The city in the distance :)

God's creation is SO big..and we are SO little. 

We headed into the city again, this time to the Fort and the Observatory (for a view from higher up). 

The old-town feel of Quebec City is beautiful..
..and might secretly be Hogwarts.
The view from the observatory.. absolutely lovely. :)

The parliament buildings, old city, and the fort.

The city reminded me a bit of my time in France. :)

Back at our campground we enjoyed one last night of exploring, sitting by the lake, and cooking over the campfire.

..and then we packed the car and headed towards the border with lots of memories. :) Hope you enjoyed! ♥


  1. Your photos are amazing, wow, ( both what you took pictures of AND you have a great eye) would I like to go there!


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