Monday, November 18, 2013

Local Hike: Pinnacle Trail

 ^ I've done this hike in toe shoes twice, heavy hiking boots aren't required!

 ^ Bringing friends is always a good idea :)

Local Hike: Pinnacle Trail 
This hike is one of my absolute favorite day hikes. In the past year I've been up to the top at least five times, probably more. You can park at the Hamburg Reservoir lot and then hike either to Pulpit Rock or the Pinnacle. The blue trail takes you along Furnace Creek (it's lovely), then once you hit the ridge on top, you'll follow the white Appalachian Trail markers through the woods to the Pinnacle. At the top you can enjoy the view, sign the log book, enjoy a snack and explore the caves along the cliff face. It can get a little crowded on nice days, so we always go up early and are back down by lunch time. :)
Distance: approx 8 miles
Time: 3-5 hours
Elevation Gain: 1000+ feet
Dogs & Kids: Yes & 7+ (it's long hike)
Rating: 5/5
Other photos: Pinnacle in the Fall
This is the start of my "Local Hikes" series.. where I'll be featuring nice places in my area to get out in the woods. I'll also feature other trails from my travels if I get a chance. :) Even if you're not a SE Pennsylvanian, I hope you'll enjoy the photos!

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