Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Blessed Life

I am thankful for..
all the adventures I've had
best friends who love me for me
creative outlets
my dog, he's a cutie
the earth, I thank God for such a big and amazing place
a family who loves me
amazing, undeserved, beautiful grace
hot coffee on a cold morning
ice cream on a warm night
jars of jam and jelly
knit scarves
laughter (truly the best medicine)
the good and Godly man in my life
exploring new places
open car windows and the wind in my hair
capturing moments in photographs
my quirkiness
 relaxing in front of a campfire with friends
the opportunity God gives me to serve others
a whole day to give thanks to God
the unbeaten path
vacations (aka camping with the fam)
walks in the woods
my eXtremly loving and caring church family
YOU, my awesome readers
a God who has a zealous love for me

God is SO good and gives me all of these things..may He get the glory and praise!
 Happy Thanksgiving :)

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