Friday, October 18, 2013

Sandy Hook Camping

As summer drew to a close..Carolyn & I decided to head out for one last hoo-rah. We headed east to Sandy Hook beach for a night under the stars, catching some sun, and exploring the island. It rained the whole way there and for the first few hours.. but we stuck it out and the sun came out. We had a great time. :)
A highlight of the trip: finding a turtle and naming him Bert.
Bert was adorable.
Bert was a Eastern Box Turtle according to a friendly Park Ranger we met named Pete.

We played Settlers of Catan under a pavilion while the rain poured down..we also ate lots of hummus and goldfish.
Then we went exploring! We walked around the northern tip of the island and watched birds.
The Verazanno bridge in the distance..we had a cool view of NYC from the beach.

You can see the lighthouse in the distance. :)
Another highlight.. watching an Osprey take off with his catch!

A rainy morning meant an empty beach.. not a terrible thing at all.

An American Osytercatcher.
We found a horseshoe crab shell and took her home with us..her name is Lucy.
Sandy Hook is an old fort, so exploring the old batteries was pretty cool.

Because we stayed at the campground in the park..we got to go on a tour of the lighthouse at sunset. :)

Park Ranger Pete took us up the hundred or so stairs to the top and then taught us the history of the island.

Definitely another highlight of our trip :)
An old house and the lighthouse.
We light-painted on the beach.. because.. why not? 

The next morning we watched the sun rise over the Atlantic.

No camping trip would be complete without doughnuts from our favorite place.

Beautiful morning light.. it's my favorite.

Chilling on the bayside beach while sleeping and drawing.

This is Sheldon.. our sea turtle.
We  Sheldon. :)
Sheldon and the NYC Skyline
We finished with a trip to the Twin Lights..the top had lovely views of Sandy Hook

Spy the lighthouse? 
We can't wait to head back next year for another trip..camping at the beach is kinda great. :)


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time together. :) Love the pics!

  2. GOOD-- NESS. Absolutely gorgeousssss. I would love to have all these printed and hung in my room. Beautiful trip, Sara!

  3. Some GORGEOUS pictures you have here! Thanks for sharing the beauty :) I've always loved the ocean. This year was the first in 23 that I haven't spent a summer with my grandparents at the beach. This post brought back such great memories.

  4. Lived there growing up and know every inch of the area but somehow never saw the beauty the way you show it here. Thanks


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