Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Metropolitan Art Museum, NYC

Most of my day in NYC was spent visiting the Met.  I took an Art History class this semester so I loved being able to see so many works by the artists I learned about. If you have a chance to visit when you're in the city, make sure you stop by! 

Chuck Close's work.. he's cool and one of my favorites.

Van Gogh! 
I love his thick application of paint.

Monet is pretty great too.

This fellow, Matthew Jensen, went on a tour of America view Google street-view and took a picture for every state. Pretty nifty, right? 

The knight hall was pretty awesome. I had a little fun with long exposures.

This was probably one of my favorite works to see in person. It is SO big and so impressive.

I had more fun with long exposures before I left.
The Met is great! If you've ever been you should let me know in the comments and tell me your favorite work. Or just leave a comment, I like those. :)


  1. gosh i love all these pictures. art is so cool. i need to go visit the met again soon! -s

  2. Good post with great explanation. Way of writing and convincing is glorious. Eyes on the topic like Arjun’s eyes. Seriously I never read this kind of post ever.


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