Friday, May 10, 2013

Jellybeans, Legos & Mummies

A lovely April afternoon was spent at the Reading Public Museum. I hadn't been there since I was 6, but with two super-cool exhibits to see, we headed over for a visit. Jellybeans, legos, mummies, knights and more.. this place is fun. :)

 I did my Art History presentation on the Mona Lisa in jellybeans. My professor loved it. Although it was about three times larger than the real deal (I saw it in Paris!), I kind of liked this one better.. :) Each jellybean art took over 100 hours, all done by a lovely artists named Kristin Cummings.


 Chuck Close! I love this's great. You'll see more of it later in the week when I post on NYC.. :)

No trip to the Museum would be complete without splashing in the creek in toe shoes and walking around the arboretum and learning about trees. Now I know what a Sweetgum looks like! Local day trips are the best! I'm going to be doing a series/tag set of posts on places in SE Pennsylvania that are awesome.. so stick around! :)


  1. I have always liked Chuck close. And jelly beans. I'd have trouble not eating them before the project was done. Love your photos.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your trip! Loved the shots. Also, jelly bean art is beyond amazing.


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