Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Are Going Back..

 .. to Camp des Cimes!! In two weeks I'll be leaving for France once again. :) In the fall of 2011 I fell in love with this camp and I never thought I'd get to return.. but just another proof that God's plans are sososo much better than ours! We will be there for twelve days working on getting the camp ready for summer and also continuing work on the addition we started in 2011. We have a team of 7 and we leave May 14th. I know we'd sure appreciate your prayers for safety while traveling & working. Like I said.. I am just so excited. So enjoy a few pictures I pulled out from the last time.. :)

... fourteen days and counting!! :)
If you have any questions..just comment with them! I love talking about missions trips. It's one of those subjects that bring me to life. 


  1. Oh wow! This is beautiful! Prayers coming for your work and travel!

  2. Friend, SO excited you get to go back! I remember reading about how much you loved that place-- God has given you an amazing love for missions. :)

  3. It all looks breathtaking! No wonder you are excited about returning.

  4. It's amazing to get back to a place that you love! Have a great time! -stephanie


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