Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Years..& Boston

It's been about two years since I left my parent's church and started going to the church I went to youth group at. Today, I stood in front of the congregation I've grown to love and became a member. It was kind of weird. A grown-up step sorta. Which is kind of funny, because yesterday I built a snowman. Adult? Right. Nope. I love my church. I'm so blessed by the people who greet me with smiles when I walk in on a Sunday. Never would I thought I'd be going to a church that had an organ and sang out of hymnals. Just goes to show God has a funny way of changing your plans!
So what does a picture of a church in Boston have to do with this? Well.. I'm outside of Boston now. I'll be in the city tomorrow. Can't wait! Apparently on spring break you're supposed to go somewhere warm.. I went somewhere colder. Oops. Ah well. More picture soon, promises. :)


  1. WAIT you were in Boston!?? AH! We could have met up!! Next time!

    1. I don't know why I didn't think of that!! Next time for sure. :)

  2. Beautiful place! I loved hearing about your church in your letter! Will WRITE BACK SOON, friend! :)


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