Monday, March 25, 2013

On Nineteen Years..

         Today marks 19 years I've spent on this earth. Crazy! I had a pretty uneventful day, I went to school, came home, and studied for hours. BUT I am looking forward to spending an entire weekend with my best friend who's coming home from college.
        I looked back on my journal entry from this day last year. Silly 18 year-old Sara compiled a list of eighteen crazy things I wanted to do. I did five, haha. I also wrote, "I don't know what this year will hold, but I trust God that it'll be better than I could have planned." Little did I know. So much has happened this year. I started college full-time, began a relationship with a wonderful fellow, traveled to new places, met awesome new people, became a church member, learned more as a photographer, and most importantly, I grew in my relationship with Christ.
         I believe that as I trust Him more, He'll continue to do better things than I could ever plan. I believe that as I take steps of faith that seem scary and uncertain, He will uphold and carry me. I can't wait to see the plan and work He's created me for.
I am a blessed woman. :)


  1. You are blessed! Happy Birthday, Sara!

  2. Happy birthday. I took a look around your blog at your photography and I NEVER would have guessed you were 19. Your talent is waaaaay beyond your years. Fantastic job :)

  3. Happy birthday, my dear dear friend! You are wise, encouraging and altogether a gift from God! :) So glad we "met". ;)


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