Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bahia Honda, Florida Keys

Our final destination was Bahia Honda State Park on the Florida Keys. It took over 30 hours of driving split over three days, but we made it! We camped about 30 feet from the water and fell asleep to the sound of the ocean & waves crashing on the shoreline. It was a great campground & a really fun time to relax!
My sister & I were stranded with a dead car battery for a few days.. so we lived off fried potatoes and little hot dogs. They were delicious. Sometimes the best recipe is no recipe at all! 

Found this little fellow hanging out on the path down to the beach. 
Our campsite - big tent, little tent, & canopy. 

I found this guy snooping around early one morning. :)

Jupiter is the really bright one in the top right corner. 

There's a crab in this picture .. good luck finding him! 

Shadows on the tent at sunrise. 

The old Bahia Honda bridge, mostly in decay except for the left part, which you can walk up onto. Thus ends our Florida adventure. I haven't been up to much since then (except for school) but I might be plotting something for spring break..
Hope y'all enjoyed. :)


  1. Everything about it looks wonderful. Your photos are amazing. Love that little crab.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW. Can you tell I loved these photos? Over 30 years I ago, I slept in a tent on that old bridge with college didn't have the big gap back then! Will have to share your photos with my husband, I would love to get back there some day! These were stunning!

    1. You slept on the bridge!? That is SO cool! :)


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