Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Project 1-5

 Stanley the Spider plant.
 Christmas tree hunting.
 Poinsettia show at Glick's.
 Tree trimming.
Room decor.
This is my third year doing December Photo Project, a neat little way to slow down the holiday season by taking a photo a day. I'm getting the first few photos up a little late, but it's my last full week of classes so I get some slack, right? Speaking of which.. last week of classes!! I might actually have time to blog next week. How awesome is that? Well, I need to go study. I'll see you folks soon. :)


  1. Oh, man, I lovelovelove your acorn/pinecone decor! So cute!

  2. lovely photos, great DOF! good luck with finals :)!


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