Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Spelunking

Carolyn & I are pretty much professional adventurers now. We've gone hiking the past four weekends and last Saturday we added spelunking and creek walking onto our list. We also collected leaves, pine cones, acorns, and lots of memories.

 Witch Hazel is soo pretty!
 We're college students, which also means we're professional snackers.

Our hike was up to the Pinnacle. Despite the fog, the views were lovely.


 Adventure awaits.. if you choose to go out and find it.
Happy weekend, folks. Your comments will make me super happy. :)


  1. These are great shots, Sarah! Really love the spelunking ones the most. ;)

  2. And you do it all in your five-fingers? Now that constitutes a lovely existance. Once again, wish I had a faster internet connection. I've been loading your page for a few minutes and can barely see a whole picture, yet - 'cept the first, which is, mmm, delicious. Crikey! They loaded. *sigh* Those look amazing. Seriously gotta visit this place. Love the hills that go rolllin' rollin' rollin with the trees. Thanks for sharing these shots.

  3. Beautiful photos, Sara! Fall has such wonderful colors!

  4. professional adventurers. that is awesome!!! and those leaves are perfect!!

  5. How very clever to write with leaves! As always, your pictures are beautiful...but any picture of a cave gets leaves me claustrophobic, then again, a sleeping bag zipped to the top can do that too! (o:

  6. Oh oh oh, I love it. My goodness, the leaves are so pretty. I oughta come visit! :) Absolutely lovely! And I'm SOOOOO excited about being pen pals! Ahhhh! :D Hey, if you feel like you're too busy right now, I can definitely write first. Just let me know! :)

  7. Thank you so much for the key word "adventure"- you remind me of the journey of life and it touched me so much. Those photos are very inspiring- after following your blog for a period of time I could finally find through them that they're you- they are really you and they are really your beautiful adventure you bring to this world to cheer this life up!

    It's nearly one year since the day I came across your blog. Thank you! :) from Viet Nam. :D

  8. What beautiful photos! :)


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