Monday, November 26, 2012

Cayla & Tom at Lehigh

I have this adorable friend Cayla, who has this wonderful boyfriend Tom, and we adventured around campus taking pictures of their cute faces. :)

This was really my first stab at a "couples" shoot. So... thoughts? 


  1. Love love love! Beautiful. You should do more of them! Meaning, people should ask you to take pictures of them and their significant others. :) Very lovely, Sara. :) I will write back soon, I promise! Finals are drowning me in stress, blegh.

  2. These are great, Sara! The seconed to last one is my fave. :)

  3. I like the B&W one of them sitting on the stairs the most! But they're all really nice!

  4. I love you. I get really really happy every time I see these. Thank you again!

  5. These are pretty stinkin' cute! Well done, as always:)


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