Friday, October 5, 2012

Vibram Fivefingers

Rewind to April for me. Actually, go back even farther to December '11. My friend Jon had these strange toe shoes. "What are these strange things on his feet?" I asked. "Vibram fivefingers!" He replied. My friend Carolyn (to the right in the pink in photo above) also had them and we made fun or her because they stunk like a skunk. Well.. fast forward to April and I bought my own. I love them. I wear them all the time. To school, the grocery store, hiking, kayaking, traveling, camp, you name it and they've been with me. So here's a little post for my wonderful Vibrams and all the places they've taken me this summer. Carolyn's and my sister's (she got some shortly after me.. she had to be cool like her big sis ;)) make guest appearances. :)
 Watching the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain in ME.
  Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins
 Hiking in Acadia

 Campfire in Yellowstone NP.

  Ferry on the way to Vinalhaven, ME.
 Golden Spike, Utah
 Gym floor of camp.. that thing bounces light better than my reflector. :P
Danielle's on the Maine Missions Trip.
Blackfoot, Idaho at the Potato Museum. :)
To attempt to answer the questions that will follow..
Yes, they're comfortable. It's like walking barefoot.
Yes, I know they're ugly. I think they're beautiful and awesome.
No, they don't have much support.
Yes, I run, walk, and hike in them.
Ask away. :)

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